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What are the product characteristics of sand casting in copper castings

  • By Wanhe Copper
  • 2020-11-02
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  Sand casting is a kind of copper casting casting process. In production, in order to obtain qualified castings and reduce production costs, it is important to understand the types of molding sand commonly used in casting and the properties of the prepared sand. After molding sand is mixed in a certain proportion, it should have the following properties:


   Molding sand can be divided into quartz sand, magnesia sand, olivine sand, zircon sand, limestone sand, clay sand, water glass sand, resin sand, oil sand, etc.

   1. Good formability;

   2. Sufficient temperature;

   3. Certain air permeability;

   4. Less hygroscopicity;

   5. Lower air volume;

   6. Higher refractoriness;

  7. Better retreat, collapsibility and durability.

  The molding sand used in copper castings must meet certain performance requirements. The performance mainly includes: moisture, compaction rate, air permeability, deformation, crushing index, effective viscosity content, effective coal content, etc.

The performance of molding sand has an important influence on the quality of copper castings. A reasonable ratio of molding sand can effectively improve the quality of castings and reduce the workload during production. Therefore, we should learn more about the knowledge of molding sand, which can help us produce Produce qualified castings.

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