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How can the protective layer of copper castings be handled correctly

  • By Wanhe Copper
  • 2020-11-02
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  When the manufacturer produces copper castings, it is divided into protecting them from damage, and during transportation, they will not be rusted due to the external environment. A maintenance layer will be plated on the surface of the copper castings. This will not only help The function of maintenance can also cause textile products to be corroded. If the maintenance layer is not handled correctly at the time of use, it may cause the maintenance layer to fail. Let's take a look at how to properly dispose of the maintenance layer of copper castings.


  1. The copper castings and the previously selected abrasives and polishing machines are installed in the drum to directly obtain a good smooth surface, but most of the results depend on the hardness of the copper castings and can be obtained with steel wire.

   2. Painting, electroplating and anode: It can improve the anti-corrosion ability and promote the appearance of copper castings.

  3. Chemical dip coating method: Both can get decorative corrosion-resistant coating, so it can be painted or unpainted. If the demand for abrasion resistance is high, chemical disposal methods alone cannot be pre-treated before painting. The remaining chemical solvents on the surface should be rinsed and wiped dry immediately.

  4. Paint: The condition is that no debris can be stained on the surface.

  In fact, every part of the copper casting plays a decisive role in its use. We must be careful when disposing of its maintenance layer to prevent damage.

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