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Copper sleeve cold fitting process in copper castings

  • By Wanhe Copper
  • 2020-11-02
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   Copper sleeves are usually placed in liquid ammonia cold containers for cold packaging during the processing process. So what effect does this operation have?

Copper sleeve cold fitting process in copper castings(图1)

   Is the process of using the liquid ammonia in the cold box with copper sleeves useful? This is because the copper sleeve uniforms liquid nitrogen and reduces the cooling of fixed liquid nitrogen. Demand, possibility of copper sleeve. The free movement of the wall of liquid nitrogen. 150ram insulation thickness is about perlite powder, filling level, swelling perlite powder, obtained has been a red solid, the container wall towel clip, insulation is 43 liters in a container.

   Open the first barrel of liquid ammonia, and evenly pour the liquid nitrogen container into the container at the temperature of liquid nitrogen, with a copper sleeve. Heating liquid nitrogen container, around the container release a lot of mist to joy. Then, turn over and cut the liquid nitrogen. The second barrel, the first barrel uses the liquid nitrogen poured in the two barrels, which is a stable copper flange. It is necessary to be liquid nitrogen. The liquid nitrogen is obviously foggy in the container. Liquid nitrogen Pouring liquid nitrogen in succession: Bucket down, up to now. Liquid nitrogen, copper sleeve, at this time, don't forget to cover the container lid to reach the thermal balance to assemble the copper sleeve. In the first 30 minutes of the copper-sleeved migraine gear set, the row of migraine gears 80 rotating together is cooled by two sets of copper-loaded containers, the same method. Assembling, processing, and therefore, bulky, copper sleeve manufacturers pay attention to the bulky copper is not available.

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