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Reasons for the appearance of mesh fins in copper castings

  • By Wanhe Copper
  • 2020-11-02
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Copper castings are a kind of comparison with common castings. In the process of production, it is easy to form some doubts about the equipment. Among them, the mesh fin is a common appearance compared to copper castings. What causes this appearance to appear for better We still need to find out the reason for the problem:

   1. The surface of the die-casting cavity is cracked.

  2. Improper material of die casting mold or incorrect heat treatment skills.

   3. The temperature difference between the hot and cold of the die-casting mold is too large.

Reasons for the appearance of mesh fins in copper castings(图1)

   4. Pouring temperature is too high.

   5. Lack of preheating of die casting mold.

   6. The surface of the cavity is rough.

   7. The die-casting mold has thin walls or sharp corners.

The situations described above are the reasons for the appearance of fins in copper castings. After we find the reason, we can find the treatment method based on the reason, correctly select the die casting mold and heat treatment skills, and produce the copper casting mold. Of course, there are many small details that need to be paid attention to during construction. We can consult us if we encounter any questions in the process. Here, the copper casting manufacturer reminds us that if we don’t understand ourselves, we should remember not to blindly operate or consult professional skilled personnel to ensure the use of copper castings.

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